First Car Stories

  • First Car Stories: Dynamo

    First Car Stories: Dynamo

    There are a number of vehicles that stand out in their time and last in the minds of car enthusiasts long after for a number of reasons. The Ford Pinto and its fuel tank placed in the back of the car, resulting in several deadly fires after rear-end collisions. The Chevrolet Nova and its struggles…

  • First Car Stories: Murphy

    First Car Stories: Murphy

    I didn’t buy my first car until I was 25. I was able to use one of my parents’ old cars throughout college (they usually came to me as they were falling apart and I attempted to extend their life as long as I could before they’d collapse) and I lived in cities with good…

  • First Car Stories: Zoom Zoom

    First Car Stories: Zoom Zoom

    Having older siblings, I missed the excitement of having a “new” car when I turned sixteen. Instead, I got to join the rotation of sharing the car once I was able to drive on my own. Although I didn’t get to experience the freshness of a car that was new to the family, I appreciated…

  • First Car Stories: John’s First Car

    First Car Stories: John’s First Car

    Everyone remembers their first car and the stories of freedom it created. When you grow up the son of an Automobile dealer, the excitement is magnified due to all the neat cars coming and going, always wondering, “Is this the one?” Each time a cool car would come into the dealership you would hover around it hoping to hear…

  • First Car Stories: Row-Day-Oh

    First Car Stories: Row-Day-Oh

    1994 Isuzu Rodeo  I turned 16 when I was going into my Junior year of high school, a little later than my friends, and with much less cash than their summer jobs have yielded them. My two best friends have some pretty cool cars: One had bought a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the other…

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